who we are????

Dear friends, hello,we are TJ MOULD, the leader in the field of high-end plastic mould manufacturing in China. Welcome to our website. Our company was founded in 1999, we have grown from scratch for nearly 20 years in the plastic mould field. TJ MOULD since its inception, we have been focused on providing users with personalized mould design and manufacturing services, which let us accompanied by the development of this industry nearly 20 years. From small-scale production, a few employees to now close to 3800m2 modern factory,80employees, we always uphold the customer first, innovative business philosophy, to be the trusted partner for customers in the plastic mould development field. We aspire to become a professional solution provider, let our new technology, new products serve the world better. Looking forward to our cooperation.

what we do?

The plastics industry is developing rapidly, the packaging of plastic products is widely used in petroleum, chemical, cosmetic products, food packaging, and more and more industries.

TJ MOULD provides perfect solution for all kinds of plastic container mould development and production, the current products mainly include injection mould and blow mould, could meet the customization needs from different users.

We will develop a personalized high-quality mould for you according to the followings:

1. Analyze your specific needs, including product type, specific use, material technology, output, cost control and delivery time.

2. Determine the feasibility program, reach a cooperation intention to begin the order production. Including drawing design confirmation, mould runner process, cavity number, mould material and standard component procurement, processing, strict quality control processes, assembly and commissioning, then send you qualified samples.

3. If you need technical supporting, after delivering the mould to your factory, we could send engineers to install and debug, will make sure that you produce qualified products, and train your operators how to use the mould properly, routinely troubleshoot and maintain.

4. We respond to your various needs in the after-sales quickly, develop complete components services for you to ensure the normal operation of the mould. We look forward to your business plan success and will cooperate with you actively to expand to more high-level products and services.


why choose us????

Focus on plastic mould industry for nearly 20 years

Modern factory size 3800m2

80 professional workers

Moulds have been exported to 50 countries and regions worldwide

About 60 hign-level processing equipments

Accumulated more than 100 items of various honors and certification

Customer satisfaction 99.9%

Leader of high-quality mould

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