Customer Service:

①We guarantee 1 year/1 million shots, if any problem occurs under the condition that the buyer runs the mould properly, we will provide new parts for replacement free of charge immediately.

②Beyond the period of warranty, we will provide technological service and customer service for life.

③If the mould has running problem, please provide some mould condition pictures or videos for statement, we will make trouble shooting and provide solution within 24hours based on our mature experience.

④Each mould part has corresponding engraved part no.  if the mould part is broken, please tell us the part no. or show us part picture, then we will make new part accordingly.

Mould Part-1.jpg

Technical Service:

①Quality Assurance: We guarantee that all the goods are newly designed and customized. They all comply with the contract in quality, specification and function.

②Installation and Commissioning: We could send engineers to the buyer’s company for installation and commissioning of the mould if necessary, and conduct training as well.

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